March 7, 2012

Coming to a close...

It is with some regret that I think I'm going to hang up my blogging hat for now.  I've done a lot of changing in the last little while and I am not finding much inclination to blog or bake very much anymore.  I told myself that I would stop blogging if it ever started to feel like a chore.  And to be real, it has felt a bit that way for a little while now.

It's been a fun journey, but I think it's time to say goodbye to this blog for now (though there is a possibility I'll be back in the future, who knows).

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by to read and/or leave a comment.  I've really appreciated your input and your kind words!

I hope you find something here that is interesting and delicious here during my extended absence.

Thanks  :)

January 22, 2012

Experimenting with a different template...

Just experimenting with a different template.  Please bear with me if things don't work quite as they should!

Hope you had a great Christmas and New Years.  Life has been really busy here.  Hoping to get back to some blogging soon, but if not, it's been a fun ride! :)