July 4, 2010

Things have been quiet around here...

Things have been a bit quiet on the blogging front lately. Too much other stuff in life going on. I've still been making things and will blog about all the yummies some time soon.

These things will be coming up on the blog so until I post them, here's an indication of what you can look forward to:
  • How to make lemon curd
  • How to make yogurt
  • Slice recipes
  • Cookie recipes
  • Choc chip banana bread


Laura @ Hungry and Frozen said...

Totally understand about life getting in the way of the blogging...looking forward to your next posts :)

Succulent Wild Woman at Heart said...

loving your blog Hayley! Think I may have to reconnect with my inner cook and start whipping some of these recipes up... I'm sure Jason and Ella wouldn't mind at all :)

Looking forward to your upcoming posts

HayleyB said...

Thanks girls :) I am such a slack blogger, but I hope at least when I do post, that I'm not posting too boring stuff!