December 6, 2009

How does your garden grow?

And now for something different! Stepping away from the kitchen for this post, and into my garden. Well, the pots on my balcony that is. I have a number of plants from chilis to herbs (and more non-edible plants). How does your garden grow?

I promise we'll be back to the regular program next post! In the mean time, enjoy the pics.

Chili of some description, I think it has ebony in the title, but my little sister who gave it to me couldn't remember the name.

Basil, my most favourite herb. I love making basil and pinenut pesto!

Mint! I love just touching the mint and smelling the aroma it leaves on my fingers. Is that weird? There's just something so refreshing about the smell of mint!

Lemon tree seedling! I took these shots a while ago, and unfortunately the bird have eaten this one. Actually, they ate all the seedlings that I grew from seed. I was so annoyed. I will try again though!
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Next time: I have a really long backlog of food photos, and just have to match up the recipes to them now, you'll be getting one of those recipes next time!


Laura @ Hungry and Frozen said...

I LOVE the smell of mint leaves :) not strange at all! Lucky you having such a thriving crop of plants to choose from. Your basil looks gorgeous, we've got a healthy pot of it on the kitchen windowsill, I'm loving it!

HayleyB said...

I'm glad there's another person out there that loves the smell of mint leaves as much as me! It really is nice to be able to pick things fresh from your garden, even if it's only herbs! I'm loving having basil and mint whenever I want them!