June 15, 2009

The "to make" lists

My "to make" list is always, always being added to. Every time I see a new recipe I want to try, I add it to my list. There are two lists really, one is for "I really want to make that, and make it soon!", and the other is "Gee, that looks good, must make a note of that to make it one day".

This is part of my current "Make it soon!" list (well, the bit I can remember anyway. You see, the list is not on paper, it's in my head):
  • Apple Pie and Apple Crumble - Just because I've never made either of them, and they seem like they'd be an accomplishment.
  • Rice pudding - My mum used to make this a lot, so it fondly reminds me of my childhood.
  • Pear Bread - I love pears and have made so much banana bread that I feel like a change
  • Vanilla Slice - like the ones you can get at the bakery. I tried it once but the results were very smooshy. So I want to give it another go.
The "make it one day but not right now" list is written down, and is pages and pages long. I have even noted where to find each recipe. It's a handy reference when I'm trying to think of something to make for some event or other. I won't blog it because it will be as tedious for you to read as it would be for me to type out.

What's on your "make it soon" list?


Sumara said...

I think you and I have very similar tastes.

I bought 2kg of granny smiths just yesterday to make a pie. Won't manage it until next week, though. I'm looking forward to the challenge of making real pastry.

I also made pear bread a couple of weeks ago. Wasn't as good as banana bread but good for a change.

I made an easy version of a vanilla slice a couple of years ago, using milk coffee biscuits as the base & top, and fresh passionfruit icing. It was SO GOOD. That's another thing where getting the pastry right would be the biggest challenge.

One thing on my current list is those white choc cheesecake cookies. Will do those any day now, soon as I feel a bit more alive.

Um, what else? Not much on the 'soon' list, but the 'one day' list has baked cheesecake, chocolate truffles, chocolate fondants (inspired by masterchef last night!), and well, basically everything in my Women's Weekly "Chocolate" book and most of my other recipe books. I pretty much want to try everything.

Laura @ Hungry and Frozen said...

I have a bundt cake on my to-do list as I have a new silicone tin I'm dying to use! Every time I look through my cookbooks and magazines my to-do list expands (and then once I make the food, so does my waistline)...

I've never made rice pudding- I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. Must hit up a Nigella version or something equally reliable as it must be good!

HayleyB said...

Sumara: I bought granny smiths the other day as well! I fully intended on making an apple pie on the weekend, but I didn't get to it. I made a Sweet Potato and Ginger cake instead, and it was soooo good! I will blog it soon. I hope to make my apple pie this weekend. I never thought of making vanilla slice with biscuits as the base before. Ooh, baked cheesecake! I've made a lemon baked cheesecake once, it was really nice, not too heavy as some baked cheesecakes are. Have you got the Women's Weekly "Cheesecake" book? I got it as a present, and it's got lots of good stuff in it.

Laura: Let me know if you find a Nigella version of rice pudding. Nigella's recipes never fail! Silicon moulds are really good, I have a bundt/ring pan, it's great! I so hear you with the adding to your list every time you look through your cookbooks. I have to start limiting my goodie-making to once a week so my waistline doesn't expand too much. That way I can still try what I've made, and send the rest to work with my husband!