August 8, 2008

Recipe sources and thoughts on cooking

Sorry, no recipe today. I haven't been baking as much the last week or so. Today you are getting random wonderings about recipe sources and thoughts on cooking.

I don't know about you, but I wish that I had the time to put all my recipes into a database so that I could just search for recipes rather than try to remember what recipe book/magazine/website the recipe I'm searching for is in/on. All I really want in a database is to be able to put in the names of the recipes and then a reference of where I can find them. I use some handy recipe websites, but they don't help me with all my recipe books and magazines, as I can't add recipes that aren't on the website.

Have you seen these recipe websites and blogs? There's some interesting things there, you should check them out:

I usually go to recipe sites either when I'm looking for something specific and want to find it fast, or when I want to be inspired. I love seeing yummy recipes that I'd like to try, and when I do try them, I often add my own little twist.

I never used to be able to just "make something up", I always needed a recipe otherwise it wouldn't turn out. Now I'm finding that I can easily make up my own recipes, which is nice when you don't have all the ingredients for a specific recipe, but want to use up some ingredients. It's a lot easier now to think of things that go well together and make up my own creations. I've discovered that cooking in general can be a bit of a creative outlet, whether it's dinner or dessert, there's opportunity to try something a bit different.

These days I'm enjoying cooking a lot more than I used to. I have always enjoyed baking and making desserts/sweet things, but now I'm also enjoying making dinners (well, enjoying a bit more anyway, still not as fun as baking!).

I'll be back with more baking recipes soon!


Sumara said...

I'm just starting to be a bit more creative with changing recipes too, or making something up myself. It's fun! And even when it doens't quite work, you still generally end up with something fairly reasonable anyway... orr at the very least, an interesting story!

Thanks so much for that Bake or Break link! My goodness there are some yummy recipes there!

HayleyB said...

Bake or Break is always inspiring! So many yummy recipes to put on my "must make" list!

I like being able to be adventurous with changing recipes and making things up, but I don't usually go too crazy, well, not when it's dinner anyway, as then I have to think of something to cook all over again! Something that will work the next time!