June 3, 2008

Exercise and weight loss

I've started to go to the gym during my lunch break every day with a friend. I've only been doing it for two weeks now so I know I shouldn't really expect to see noticeable results yet, but I can't help it!! I stepped on the scales for the first time since I started this routine this morning, and was disappointed that nothing seems to have changed yet. I even have scales that show what percentage of your body is fat, and that seems to have gone up even though I haven't eaten heaps of baked goods and my energy expenditure has gone up. Very disappointing! I guess I just have to keep at it and not weigh myself until after a few more weeks have gone by....


Sumara said...

Hey me too! Well, not going to the gym in my lunchbreak, lol, but walking every day and watching what I eat... and yes, the scales are very tempting!
Our scales measure fat percentage as well and you have to programme it with your age and height. Last week I weighed myself and then I remembered I hadn't changed my age on it sonce my birthday. So I changed my age and weighed myself again and my fat percentage went up 3%! I was so unimpressed.

Remember though that for the first while when you start doing lots of exercise you can build up muscle mass which is heavier than fat, so it's hard to starts losing weight until your body starts burning more fat than it is growing muscle.

HayleyB said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I find that going to the gym during my lunch break is easier than motivating myself to go after work. Probably helps too that I have a buddy to go with. My biggest problem is that I like baked goods and sweets too much. I am a chocoholic as well. It's all too tasty!

I just realised I haven't updated my age profile on my scales since my birthday either (even though it was 6 months ago)! Perhaps my fat percentage will go up by 3% as well and then we can be unimpressed together.