May 28, 2008

Random wonderings

Ever stop to think about something you've never really wondered about before? I have. Here are a few of my random wonderings:

Is it just me, or does strawberry flavouring not taste very much like strawberries?
Why is vanilla essence in nearly every baking recipe I own? Does it really make that much difference to the overall taste?
How come it's so difficult to think of interesting things to make for dinner, but so easy to find a baked-good recipe that I want to try?
Why don't I like coriander?
Why are slow-cooked meals traditional for winter?
Why do recipe magazines all have slow-cooked meal recipes at the moment, do they think people miraculously have more time to cook in winter? I sure don't!

And non-food related wonderings:
What is so good about make-up? No offense to anyone who likes it and wants to wear it, but I don't really see the attraction (I'll admit I'm a bit clueless when it comes to how to apply it and make it look good, but I'm glad I don't wear it much, if ever, because I wouldn't be able to cram it into my morning routine).
How come ironing is such a pain in the butt?
Why is it that whenever I cook salmon, I can still smell it days afterwards, even when our house has been ventilated well and there are no dishes to clean up?

On another note:

Hubby's birthday today, so we are out to dinner tonight. Made him very yummy cheesecake crumbles as his birthday cake last night. Will post the recipe and photos later.


katef said...

Oh wow yes on the strawberry... and I never put in Vanilla.. too lazy LOL
Happy B'day to your DH and at least you don't have to think about dinner for tonight!

Sumara said...

Oh no! I was remembering his birthday for ages beforehand and of course on the actual day I forgot it! Damn!


Hey, come visit us on the weekend and I'll bake him another birthday cake (because, you know, he doesn't get enough cake at home or anything!).

I am SO with you about makeup! Really silly stuff, if you ask me. And I really wish people would stop wearing it, because then I wouldn't look so "bare" next to all the made-up faces!
Mind you, I LOVE stage makeup. So much fun.