May 15, 2008

Home made after-dinner mints are way too more-ish.

I made these after-dinner mints from one of my cook books the other night, just for fun, just because I wanted to see how they would turn out, and just because I was looking for something to make with the stuff that was already in my food cupboard. Not because I actually wanted to eat them. Alas, since I have made them and they have not migrated to hubby's work or anywhere else, they have been staring me in the face, and beckoning me to eat them. All. At once.

I see them and think, 'yeah, I'd like to have one of those', just one mind you, but I can never stop at just one. As soon as it has been eaten, I feel like a REALLY want another sugary hit, right away! So I eat another one, but I can't stop there either. I want that sugary taste to stay in my mouth, it's not that I am actually hungry or that I particularly love after-dinner mints, it's that feeling of 'more sugar would be good right now'. So this goes on until I get the feeling I've had way too much sugar.... then I feel like I really really must brush my teeth. I should just brush my teeth after one mint, so that the taste would be out of my mouth and I wouldn't be tempted to eat any more. That would be sensible. Or what would be more sensible is if I sent them away, to hubby's work, or took them somewhere where everyone else could eat them, and I could be saved.

I won't post the recipe unless someone particularly wants it. I don't know if this recipe would have the same effect on anyone else, maybe I am just a sweet tooth (maybe!), but I thought I would save you from potential sugar-induced diabetic comas or something like that and not post the recipe.

On another note, totally un-food related, I'm trying to write up an application for a new job (well, a temporary transfer to another department for up to 6 months), and it's really difficult! I know I can do all the stuff listed in the selection criteria, but I find myself writing up stuff and using the same words over and over like "organisational" and "essential" and "time management" etc etc. I think I need to use a thesaurus or something so that it doesn't end up sounding like a broken record. They only want a two page document addressing the criteria, but there are 8 criteria, and you have to do a paragraph on each one! I don't know how you're supposed to make it sound good enough to actually get chosen for an interview in such small amount of space! I'll let you know how it goes. If actually end up getting the job, it means working in the city (which is only about 15 min from home rather than an hour to where I currently work), and slightly higher salary, so that would be nice.


Sumara said...

Don't worry about the recipe - I'll just keep shovelling down the Mint Slice bikkies (oh and you should know, being a choc-mint lover, DO NOT buy Home Brand Mint Slices. Ick! Only the Arnott's will do!).

I don't have any good good job application advice - mine always seem repetitive and odd too. Good luck with it, it'd be great for you to be in the city... more time for baking! lol

Suz said...

Sensational blog Hayley! Arent you the little domestic goddess?!

Re: The Job thing, I now work in employment, and spend a large chunk of my day filling out those bloody selection criteria thingo's on behalf of my clients. They are a royal pain in the behind. I feel your pain.

HayleyB said...

Yes, Arnott's mint slices are the best! I try not to buy them so that I don't have the ready-made snack temptation and scoff them all! (What am I talking about, surely making a whole batch of after dinner mints is worse than buying one pack of Arnott's mint slices?!).

Suz, nice to see you here! I like to try to be a bit of a domestic goddess, it's fun!

Glad I'm not the only one who struggles with job application selection criteria etc. I've finished it now and am submitting it this week. Guess I'll know if I'm doing an alright job at writing up applications if I get an interview. I'll keep you posted!

katef said...

Ooh good luck on the job application... mmm drooling over the idea of after dinner mints and I don't even like mint,... or chocolate that much!

Sumara said...

Oh Haay-leeey! Where is this week's baked goodness, hmmm?

Presley said...

I know this post is really old, but I'm on the hunt for a recipe for the type of mints that come in pastel colors and kind of melt in your mouth, as opposed to the hard white ones with stripes. If that's what these are, I'd love to see the recipe!

Anonymous said...

i am cookiing after diner thingos for my assessment and i was just wonderiin how hard these are to makee cause i only have 4min..
soo... thank-you

HayleyB said...

Presley, I'll see if I can find the recipe again but I have no idea where it was from now.... I made a note that I wouldn't be making them again.

Anonymous, I can't remember how easy they are as it's about two years since I made them. I just remember that they were really time consuming and that they tasted pretty good.