May 4, 2008

Baking and watching your weight

Unfortunately this post is not some new idea about how to lose weight while baking (I wish there was such a method!). It's actually about the dilemma of being someone who wants to get fit and is watching their weight but loves baking too much. Baking is like a hobby for me, I love trying new recipes and seeing how things turn out.

The problem is that I also like to sample the fruits of my labour; a cookie here, a piece of banana bread or cake there.... I am a lot better than I used to be, in that I used to just not be able to stop at just one or two samples, if it was there, I would want to eat it and would probably eat much more than I should have. Now I have a bit more self control and can be satisfied with one or two samples.... but of course the danger is that whatever I've baked will go off if it's not eaten, what a waste! My one or two samples become one or two samples a day, which over a few days can add up to quite a bit.

The best way I've found to combat this is to bake something, save a small portion for home, and send the rest to work with my husband. Problem solved! I've had my baking-fix, tasted the goodies, and now the temptation of eating more is no longer there! I think my husband's work colleagues will be starting to complain that I'm making them fat if I bake too often though. So far this hasn't happened, whenever I need to call my husband at work, if someone else answers first they're always saying "thanks for the cookies" or something like that. My husband says that they have a theory; whenever they say thanks for the cookies, it means that I will make more to send to the office in the very near future. They might be right, or it might just be coincidence, but they get their baked goods often, so everyone's happy.

If you love baking as much as I do, perhaps you should do what I do and send your baked goods to work with yourself or your husband. I would take them to my work, but there are too many people in my office for just one batch of cookies. I would have to bake quite a bit more in order to feed the masses at my work, so unless I make a giant batch of something, my baked-goodness is going to work with my husband.

Another idea is baking for a school cake stall if you have kids (which I don't so this doesn't work for me), or some family event where you have to bring something. I always volunteer to bring dessert as 99% of what I bake is sweet stuff. But my preferred method of getting my tasties out of the house is to send them to work with my husband, because if I'm trying a new recipe and it doesn't work out, then there's no pressure to have an end result (as in, it doesn't HAVE to work out, because they never expecting me to send things, so it's a bonus when I do).

Does anyone else love baking as much as I do? What are your methods of sending your sweet temptations out of the house/What do you do with your baked goods?

Eventually I hope to put up some recipes here so keep your eye out.


Sumara said...

Hi Hayley!
A blog about baking? Yay! Will here be photos? I LOVE food blogs with photos!
Oh and my prefferred method of removing the tempting results of my baking is... um... eat them all! As quicky as possible, so that they're all gone and then "tomorrow" I'll be back to the healthy diet! (yeah right!)

Sumara said...

Oh and wow, I just saw picklebums on your links. I know her from my parenting forums. How funny. It's a small world. :-)

HayleyB said...

Yes, there will be photos! I can't guarantee that they will be as good as what you see in the magazines though! So might not look as tasty as it really is, but I'll give it my best! Haha, I like your method of getting rid of baked-goodness! I always used to fall into the trap of "surely one more can't hurt... right?" Yes it is a small world isn't it! I can't remember how I found picklebums... maybe a link from someone else's blog?? Well, stay tuned for baking goodness! Photos will follow shortly!

Anonymous said...

I love baking as much as you too, but I have a big fmily to cook for- actually morning sickness is a pretty good way of making sure you don't eat too much of it! thanks for the recipes.

Claire said...

I absolutely love baking too, and also have this problem of wanting to satisfy my baking urge but trying not to eat too of it at the same time ! Unfortunatly I only live with my parents, who like to eat quite healthily so I don't get to bake as much as I would like. Usually what I do is try and cut recipes down (if possible) so that I make less, and give stuff to my friends/family for special occasions (like christmas). However, even if I say to myself 'I won't eat all this cake' I always end up eating it anyway! I have a very sweet tooth hehe

Aimee said...

I cook at pretty much all times :) Most often it goes to work with me, but since i no longer live with housemates, who'd eat it all for me, it goes to my neighbours...